Awards and honors

Gone with the Wind was the first film to get more than five Academy Awards. Of the 17 competitive awards which were given at the time, Gone with the Wind had 13 nominations. The Academy did not award Gone with the Wind Best Supporting Actor which was won by Thomas Mitchell, who starred in supporting roles in both Gone with the Wind and Stagecoach (for which he won the Oscar) that year, and Best Music (Song)
It was the Winner of 10 Academy Awards. (8 regular, 1 honorary, 1 technical) Award Result Winner
Best Picture Won Selznick International Pictures (David O. Selznick, Producer)
Best Director Won Victor Fleming
Best Actor Nominated Clark Gable
Winner was Robert Donat - Goodbye, Mr. Chips
Best Actress Won Vivien Leigh
Best Adapted Screenplay Won Sidney Howard
Awarded posthumously
Best Supporting Actress Won Hattie McDaniel
Received a miniature "Oscar" statuette on a plaque
Best Supporting Actress Nominated Olivia de Havilland
Winner was Hattie McDaniel - Gone with the Wind
Best Cinematography, Color Won Ernest Haller and Ray Rennahan
This received the "Oscar" statuette
Best Film Editing Won Hal C. Kern and James E. Newcom
Received a miniature "Oscar" statuette on a plaque, replaced with a regular statuette in 1962
Best Art Direction Won Lyle Wheeler
Best Visual Effects Nominated Fred Albin (Sound), Jack Cosgrove (Photographic), and Arthur Johns (Sound)
Winners were Fred Sersen (Photographic) and E. H. Hansen (Sound) - The Rains Came
Best Music, Original Score Nominated Max Steiner
Winner was Herbert Stothart - The Wizard of Oz
Best Sound Recording Nominated Thomas T. Moulton (Samuel Goldwyn Studio Sound Department)
Winner was Bernard B. Brown (Universal Studio Sound Department) - When Tomorrow Comes
Award Recipient
Irving G. Thalberg Award David O. Selznick
For his career achievements as a producer.
Honorary Award William Cameron Menzies (Miniature "Oscar" statuette on a plaque)
For outstanding achievement in the use of color for the enhancement of dramatic mood in the production of Gone with the Wind.
Technical Achievement Award Don Musgrave and Selznick International Pictures (Certificate)
For pioneering in the use of coordinated equipment in the production Gone with the Wind.

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